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Mission Statement: Velvet Revolution US Inc. (Velvet Revolution) is a non partisan 501(c)4 organization founded for the purpose of providing a means for citizens and organizations to mobilize and create a clean, transparent and accountable government. Velvet Revolution focuses on election protection, media reform, and corporate and government accountability. It uses various means to shine sunlight on these issues, including working with whistleblowers, social media, law enforcement officials, and members of Congress.  Velvet Revolution was co-founded by Justice Through Music and The Brad Blog, and it is a 501(c)4 activist, education and lobbying organization.

Velvet Revolution is a term coined to describe the peaceful road to change in countries where governments ignored the inalienable rights of the people.  A few inspiring Velvet Revolutions occurred in the former Soviet Union, East Germany, Czechoslovakia, South Africa, Ukraine, Egypt, Tunisia and other countries.The citizens of those countries, tired of corruption and arrogant power, joined together by the millions in a sustained campaign of opposition – they demonstrated, boycotted, petitioned, and engaged in strikes until the pillars of power were replaced by the halls of the people.

VelvetRevolution.us (“VR”) is a network of more than 100 progressive organizations reaching millions of people demanding progressive change through our various campaigns.

The Need for VR

VR’s issues are not a matter of Right and Left. They are a matter of Right and Wrong! The tactics and the power of the Democrats and progressives in this country have not been sufficient to check the actions of a corrupt Republican agenda. The left has not been able to develop the necessary tactics to win this battle for the heart of America, despite the fact that there are many fine progressive organizations with many members. The leadership of the Democratic Party has generally engaged in a pattern of appeasement, and few organizations have had the clout or backbone to go toe to toe with the extreme right. In many major battles recently, the Democrats have rolled over, and the result is a frightening world of perpetual war and civil strife, both literally and figuratively, led by politicians who are out of touch with regular Americans.

VR was conceived to fight for the Constitutional rights of all American citizens and to fight the corrupt tactics of government and corporations.  In short, VR has taken the lessons learned abroad where despotic, corrupt and war-mongering governments ignored the rights of the people, and the people themselves rose up en masse and refused to back down until positive change was secured.

VR is a citizen’s brigade that will use every available legal and peaceful means to depose the a corrupt agenda, no matter where it is found. Our allegiance is not to political parties, but to the will of the people in support of their right to the free pursuit of happiness and a government as advertised: Of the People, by the People and for the People.

  • We are leading with truthful information through all types of media and cutting edge technology.
  • We have a 24/7/365 war room mentality – instead of waiting for elections and campaigns – to respond quickly and effectively to lies and self-serving political propaganda.
  • We have grant making ability to be able to immediately deliver funds to our members, large and small, to support their opposition actions on the ground, on the net, and across the airwaves.
  • We have a member and affiliate list of more than a million citizens who can act on a dime to mobilize opposition to un-Constitutional power grabs by the political and corporate elite.
  • We work with volunteer and paid attorneys who can go into court to quickly stop major assaults on the rights of the people.
  • We report where the corporate media has failed us, creating our own media.
  • We have employed economic boycotts against companies and states that oppose the freedom of the people.
  • We are unrelenting in our drive to secure information about wrongdoing by those who abuse their power.
  • We use the full power of the citizenry to fight for what is just.
  • We are not afraid. We will not be intimidated.

VR’s first campaign targeted electoral reform. It is our belief that many of the recent national elections have been tampered with by various means. The evidence mounted, and yet there was a disappointing lack of widespread action. VR has changed this by becoming a leader in election reform with many successes and many more to come.

In addition:

  • We are demanding that the media do its job rather than merely reporting what the elite power structure wants us to hear, and we will create and support independent media.
  • We are opposing unjust wars, and we support peaceful dialogue and policies of peace.
  • We are supporting freedom in the broad sense of the word, and especially individual freedom.
  • We are opposing religious based rationales for governmental action and we support secularism.
  • We are galvanizing and mobilizing young people to join this revolution.

VR will use the lessons learned in civil rights movements worldwide to insure that the policies and laws of the United States respect a rule of law based on the inalienable rights of freedom, liberty, peace and happiness.  Tens of millions of Americans have made it very clear recently that they want a government that is tolerant, honest and respectful. Quite simply, we will lead and continue the fight in this great country for Truth, Justice and the American Way. VR is your movement.  Please join, support and act! We are a citizens brigade! And without you…we’re nothing! Feel free to email us if we can answer any other questions or if your organization may be interested in coming aboard as an affiliate organization!

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