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Kelsie Kimberlin Releases New Video “Turn Back to support Ukraine.

My new video “Turn Back” is the third of the trilogy of videos I filmed in Ukraine in August, 2023. It has multiple meanings depending on the place in which you find yourself.

For many people, it is a plea to a loved one who looking for something somewhere else to find it right there at home. But for me, this song and video are about Ukraine.

First, it is a call for those millions of refugees who left Ukraine after the war began to come back home to help Ukraine rebuild.

Ukraine needs you and this is where your heart remains. Second, it expresses the longing of all those Ukrainians who have a friend or family member fighting near or far to come back home alive. In the video, you can see photos of thousands of soldiers who died defending Ukraine.

Kelsie Kimberlin Turn Back

Those photos are posted on The Wall of Remembrance next to St. Michael’s Cathedral in Kyiv, the bells of which were heard all over Kyiv in December 2013 at the beginning of the “Revolution of Dignity” of Euromaidan. Ten years ago, there were only 100 photos on that wall of the “Heavenly Hundred” who were killed by terrorists at Maidan in Kyiv. Now there are more than tenth thousand photos with more added every day. The destroyed Russian tanks and heavy military equipment shown in the video are set up in the square next to the cathedral to remind people of the terror unleashed against innocent Ukrainians.

These three videos form a trilogy of modern Ukrainian history, showing the dignity, strength and desire that ordinary Ukrainians stand for despite horrific difficulties.

They went through “Armageddon” to get “Another Chance to Live Again” and finally “Turn Back” to a normal life where there is love, happiness and independence.

Through these songs and videos, I am acting as a chronicler, calling on people from all over the world not only to feel the severity of the war, but also to help the Ukrainians get back what belongs to them.

Please like, comment, share and support Ukraine. After I returned from Ukraine, I launched a Kelsie Kimberlin foundation to help those injured and to raise funds for reconstruction. Please donate if you can.

Turn Back audio is available on SoundCloud.

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