Richard Cohen pleaded in his Aug. 23 op-ed, “GOP: Shut down this myth,” for Republican bigwigs to disclaim Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s pre-election claims about fraudulent voting. The fundamental fault in Mr. Cohen’s supporting reasoning is that he supposed the bigwigs do not support Mr. Trump’s assertion. But, while some Republicans (the usual suspects) are on record opposing this and other crackpot ideas, the majority of those in leadership positions already have nixed Mr. Cohen’s request because they have long agreed wholeheartedly with Mr. Trump on this and other fictions.


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One thought on “Why Republicans won’t shut down Trump’s election fraud claims”
  1. Do not give these people the legitimacy that comes with actual belief. They do not believe this at all. They want to overturn The second reconstruction and enforce a return to Jim Crow. Give up your liberal illusions and recognize we are headed towards Civil war. There will be no new Republican Party like was founded in 1854 and there will be no new “New Deals”, the Dems having turned their backs on the original, and the “Great Society “. The brutal smashing of the “OccupyMovement” is what is in store for any serious attempt at reform. It quite simply will not be allowed.

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