The TPP is not really about trade at all, but an effort to give corporations immunity from all labor and environmental laws.   It allows corporations to sue for damages against any such law, not only for existing costs but for the loss of profits they expect to get in the future!  They can in effect overturn these laws in international tribunals which they control.   It is a giant transfer of power away from elected governments to corporations accountable only to their shareholders.

The Senators listed below voted in favor of fast track last time.  But the TPP  just got even worse.   In order to get the fast track approved by House Republicans, they removed the Trade Adjustment Assistance program (TAA) which was supposed to help workers who lost their jobs.   They also removed the measure to deal with currency manipulation and put a ban on using TPP  to address climate change.  All these things give your Senator a reason to change his/her mind and vote against fast track this time.

Please call your Senator(s) today!   Urge friends and family to call them also.  Only a flood of calls will get them to do the right thing and protect all of our laws.    Tell them not to believe empty promises that Congress will pass TAA later on after fast track is approved.   The right wing Republicans in the House will never approve TAA worker protections as a stand-alone bill.

Sen. Michael Bennet (CO) 202-224-5852
Sen. Maria Cantwell (WA) 202-224-3441
Sen. Patty Murray (WA) 202-224-2621
Sen. Ben Cardin (MD) 202-224-4524
Sen. Dianne Feinstein (CA) 202-224-3841
Sen. Tim Kaine (VA) 202-224-4024
Sen. Mark Warner (VA) 202-224-2023
Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (NH) 202-224-2023


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