On at least four occasions over the past year, a person or persons made phone calls to county enforcement agencies, spoofing the victim's phone number, and/or reporting fictitious criminal activity calculated to bring a SWAT team ready to deal with an armed and dangerous resident.

These four events include:

·     Attempted SWATTing of Michael Stack, Montgomery Township, New Jersey, June 23RD, 2011.

·     Attempted SWATTing of John Patrick Frey, Los Angeles, California, June or July 2011.

·     Attempted SWATTing of Erick Erickson, Macon, Georgia, May 27TH, 2012.

·     Attempted SWATTing of Brett Kimberlin, Bethesda, Maryland, May 31ST, 2012.

False reporting of crimes endangers the victim, the responders, and uninvolved citizens who happen to be in the area.

Federal penalties for participation in a false reporting case are very severe.

 If you are a victim, first responder, or resident of a municipality that has suffered any such event please contact law enforcement authorities.

We are seeking information only about the incidents listed above, or related incidents if they can be clearly tied to the same person or persons behind the four described in detail.

 Send to TIPS@VELVETREVOLUTION.US and we will pass them on to the FBI with whom we have been cooperating for months.


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