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The Advocate: Pat Buchanan Out at MSNBC

-BY Trudy Ring

February 16, 2012- Conservative commentator Patrick Buchanan, known for offending LGBT people as well as racial and religious minorities, is not coming back to MSNBC.

Buchanan has been on suspension for four months after having been a contributor to the cable network for several years. MSNBC announced today that he will not be back, the Associated Press reports.

Buchanan, a syndicated columnist who once was an aide to President Nixon and later sought the presidency himself, has never made a secret of his ultra-right-wing views, but opposition to his presence on MSNBC grew after the publication of his latest book, Suicide of a Superpower, in October. The book includes chapters lamenting “The Death of Christian America” and “The End of White America,” and in it Buchanan also calls marriage rights for gay couples “an absurd notion of equality.” He has come under fire as well for columns suggesting that the United States should not have become involved in World War II.



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