You are hereUnicorn Booty: Rick Santorum Claims Gay Marriage Caused the Recession

Unicorn Booty: Rick Santorum Claims Gay Marriage Caused the Recession

-by Kevin Farrell

August 17, 2011- Rick Santorum is clearly eating fruit from a very different morality tree than the rest of us. Dare we say it, we think his might be rotting the poor chap’s brain.

Irresponsible mortgage and insurance companies preying upon the most impoverished homeowners in our country? Bankers and Wall Street financial specialists robbing Americans blind? Corporations refusing to raise the average worker’s dollar, even as CEO’s award themselves billions in annual bonus money?

No, no. None of these things led the the economic collapse of our nation, and the world at large. It was the gays, of course!

Santorum: Letting the family break down and in fact encouraging it and inciting more breakdown through this whole redefinition of marriage debate, and not supporting strong nuclear families and not supporting and standing up for the dignity of human life. Those lead to a society that’s broken.

If you think that we can be a society that kills our own, and that disregards the family and the important role it plays, and doesn’t teach moral values and the important role of faith in the public square, and then expect people to be good, decent and moral when they behave economically, if you look at the root cause of the economic problems that we’re dealing with on Wall Street and Main Street I might add, from 2008, they were huge moral failings. And you can’t say that we’re gonna take morality out of the public square, morality out of our schools, God out of our schools, and then expect people to behave decently in a country that requires, capitalism requires some strong modicum of moral consciousness if it’s gonna be successful.

Listen to the bananas quote yourself over at Right Wing Watch. We suggest sitting on your hands for the duration so as not to pull out all of your own hair. You just can’t unhear something this stupid after it has touched your ears, unfortunately.



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