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News Hounds: Fox's Todd Starnes Agrees With Hate Group: Christianity Under Attack!

-by Priscilla

November 24, 2011- As Jon Stewart once said, "conservative victimization is the true genius of what Fox News has accomplished." And there ain't no conservative victim like a Christian conservative victim, many of whom find fellowship on Fox & Friends. But it's just not Fox TV that is standing up for Jesus. Fox culture clubber and Jesus BFF, Todd Starnes, who has a Fox radio show and blog, provides a conduit for the slings and arrows of outrageous secularism which are shot on what seems to be an hourly basis into the minds and hearts of good Christian soldiers. Many of his columns deal with affronts to those who love Jesus such as the "Christian Baker Facing Boycott for Refusing to Bake Lesbian Cake." (Note - a lesbian cake is not a generic thing like a chocolate or wedding cake. In this case a Christian baker, after realizing that her customers were a lesbian couple, refused to do their wedding cake). Todd occasionally makes a pilgrimage over to Fox & Friends. His latest little stand up for Jesus routine, on yesterday's Fox & Friends, was about how the US Army has removed a great, big, Christian cross from the door of a military chapel in Afghanistan. Todd thinks that this is part of a nefarious and insidious effort to persecute Christians. Ain't no party like a persecuted Christian party and Fox is bringing it!

Juliette Huddy reported the back story which has the right wing, Jesus loving blogosphere abuzz. The cross was on the door of an interfaith chapel (We know there's only one faith and that's Christianity, right?) in a remote German NATO camp in Afghanistan. The chapel is being maintained by the Pentagon which said that on the basis of some complaints (Watch yer back, soldiers, Jesus has you in his sights), the cross has been removed. The Pentagon has stated that the removal was in accordance with Pentagon regulations that prohibit permanent displays of religious symbols. While she spoke the Cavuto marked chyron provided the official Fox message: "Faith Under Fire, Military Orders Cross Removed From Chapel." She was joined by Fox culture clubber Todd Starnes who spoke with soldiers who said that it reminded them of home. (Obviously no Jews where they live?) He claimed that the Pentagon told him that "people" complained; but wouldn't tell him who or how many. (Aww, nobody to send death threats to?) After he noted that he was told that the cross violates army regulations, Huddy read a statement from the Pentagon spokesperson. Here's where the agitprop was introduced.

Huddy said that "this has been going on for a long time; but in the past three years things seem to be changing." Continuing with the "script,"Starnes said he spoke to "some conservative leaders" such as Tony Perkins from Family Research Council. (A homophobic SPLC designated "hate group.") and "they say this is a very scary trend" (boogah, boogah) within the past three years" during which crosses and Christian symbols are being "cleansed from the military." He referred to a story on his website about a Christian cross at Camp Pendleton which might not be in accordance with military regs. As he spoke the chyron brought home the agitprop bacon: "Attack on Religion? Cross Removed at Military Base Chapel."

Huddy did make the point that these chapels are non-denominational; but Starnes asked "what's the point of a chapel if you can't have religious symbols in the building." After noting that the military says that these symbols have to be neutral, Juliette, on cue, asked about a Muslim crescent. Starnes worked in the requisite anti-Muslim agitprop in patented Foxspeak: "Some people believe that if in fact it had been a crescent, then it would still be there." Starnes did not say that there are two mosques on the base. Starnes brought it home with the patented Fox persecuted Christian shout out: "It seems as though every time, there's a Christian symbol or a Christian prayer." He referenced how Franklin Graham's "Operation Christmas Child" came under fire because it "had a Christian component." Starnes didn't say that the care packages, sent to Muslim countries, included a Christian prayer. Starnes, looking mighty pissy, claimed that there is a "thread" here that involves Christianity.

Comment: There is a growing cultural divide, in today's military, that mirrors that of general society in that younger people are far more religiously diverse than those of previous generations. As such, the blatant and intrusive Christianity of yesterday's military is being resisted. For Roger Ailes, this kind of secularism is a "clear and present danger." And like John Winthrop's "shining city on the hill," Fox News is there to fight the powers of darkness.





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