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News Hounds: Fox Nation Comment Includes Obama Death Threat

June 15, 2009- I included it in my thread about the dichotomy between the Fox Nation commerical and the Fox Nation rhetoric; but I think it deserves a thread of its own. The comment was posted, today, at 9:46PM and it's still there. And lo and behold, the same poster agreed with himself an hour later. It's ironic that "conservatives" were outraged about the Homeland Security Report, which talked about the need to monitor right wing hate groups, because it appears that there's less than six degrees of separation between the beliefs of one Fox Nation resident (who, one assumes is a "conservative" given the Obama hatred) and white supremacists who advocate killing blacks and who hate Barack Obama. Sounds familiar, doesn't it!

Update – 6/15/2009 7:02 PM. The above cited article seems to have disappeared off of the homepage of Fox Nation. Googling it brings up two citations. One has “the requested page could not be found” and the other links to the American Thinker article with no comments (which is also the result if you enter the title on Fox Nation search). This is what happened to the original Fox Nation article about the Tiller shooting. I reported that the comments on this thread “celebrated” Tiller’s death. The thread was removed (same day) from the homepage and the article was replaced with an updated article (new title) with no comments and which was not found on the homepage but the result of a Fox Nation search.

And BTW, the thread is "Barack Obama's OTHER Controversial Church," which links to the conservative American Thinker. It discusses how Barack Obama, as a boy, attended Sunday School at a Unitarian Church which gave sanctuary to Vietnam military deserters and how this helped to form Obama's worldview. Not suprisingly there are a couple of thread comments about how the Unitarian Church isn't really a true church. Worth noting is that it was only last year that parishoners, at a Tennessee Unitarian Church, were shot (one killed) by a man who hated liberals and who read books by Sean Hannity and Bill O'Reilly. Once again, way to stay classy Fox Nation. Why do you hate America?



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