You are hereTalking Points Memo: Retired General: Republicans Making Nuclear Terrorism More Likely

Talking Points Memo: Retired General: Republicans Making Nuclear Terrorism More Likely

March 24, 2011- A retired Army general is taking to the radio to call out leaders of the Republican party for making it more likely we'll be blown up by a terrorist's nuclear bomb.

Lt. Gen. Robert Gard is the star of a series of radio ads targeting Republican leaders in the House and Senate for supporting "deep cuts to the U.S. Government's signature nuclear security program to remove highly enriched uranium and other dangerous nuclear materials from countries in the former Soviet Union and other unstable regions around the world."

Gard is a veteran of the Vietnam and Korean wars and a top official at Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation, a nonpartisan group (with center-left lean) focused on reducing the spread of nuclear weapons and other threats.

The Center and its sister group, the Council For A Livable World, say the House budget proposal cut Obama's 2011 request for the Energy Department's National Nuclear Security Administration by more than $600 million, nearly a quarter less than what the president requested. And the current short-term budget resolution, which is keeping the government open while lawmakers duke it out over a long-term spending plan, cuts the current White House request for the NNSA by $551 million. Republicans have agreed to the short-term bills only if they include billions of dollars in cuts from the 2010 budget.

The cuts are dangerous, Gard told reporters today. And they don't make any sense considering the GOP's gung-ho national security rhetoric. He wants the Republicans to restore the NNSA funding now -- and to leave it alone in the future.

The cuts just don't make any sense when contrasted with GOP national security rhetoric, Gard said.



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