You are hereThink Progress: Neo-Nazis March Against Immigration In California

Think Progress: Neo-Nazis March Against Immigration In California

March 20, 2011- Yesterday, several members of the National Socialist Movement, a neo-Nazi group, marched in Claremont, California. The purpose of the demonstration was to protest illegal immigration. Prior to the march, the Contra Costa Times reported on the group’s motivations:

“We will have a lot of flags, our signs and a bullhorn,” said Jeff Hall, Southwest States regional director of the organization. “We’re going to be heard and let it be known we’re against illegal immigration … we believe in free speech. We’re going to make our voices heard.” [...]

Hall said he wants “a white nation that doesn’t have multiculturalism forced on them.” According to the group’s website, its “core beliefs include defending the rights of white people everywhere, preservation of our European culture and heritage, strengthening family values, economic self-sufficiency, and reform of illegal immigration policies, immediate withdrawal of our national military from an illegal Middle Eastern occupation and promotion of white separation.”

In an interview with ABC7, Hall claimed that the march “is not about hate, it’s about us identifying with our own culture.” Watch ABC7′s report:



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