You are hereHuffington Post: Man Jailed For Death Threats Against NPR Host: The Smoking Gun

Huffington Post: Man Jailed For Death Threats Against NPR Host: The Smoking Gun

March 16, 2011- A man has been jailed in Maine for allegedly making death threats against hosts of NPR's "All Things Considered," The Smoking Gun revealed on Wednesday.

The site uncovered court documents showing that a man named John Crosby was arrested in late January by FBI agents in Maine. NPR had not reported the arrest. Crosby has now been indicted in federal court. (To see the full filing and a picture of Crosby, head to The Smoking Gun.)

Crosby was arrested after he allegedly used NPR's online contact form to send several death threats to the "ATC" hosts.

According to the court filings, one message Crosby is said to have sent to co-host Guy Raz reads: "I will remind Mr. Raz that 100 years ago a kike like him would have been hanging from a tree for disrespecting my privacy like that. If I can make it to DC, I will try to find the kike and take care of business."



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