You are hereSPLC HateWatch: FBI: Confessed California Planned Parenthood Bomber Acted Alone

SPLC HateWatch: FBI: Confessed California Planned Parenthood Bomber Acted Alone

March 14, 2011- The FBI on Thursday said Donny Eugene Mower, 37, has confessed to the September firebombing of a Planned Parenthood center in Madera, Calif. The FBI said Mower also was responsible for posting hostile signs at a Madera Islamic Center in late August.

The FBI was already investigating the Islamic Center case when a Molotov cocktail sailed through the window of Madera’s Planned Parenthood, injuring no one but causing enough damage to shut down the office for several days.

A previously unknown organization called the “American Nationalist Brotherhood,” or ANB, had taken responsibility for the firebombing and posted signs. Mower has since admitted to being the organization’s founder and only member, and has told agents that he acted alone, the FBI reported.

“No Temple for the God of terrorism at Ground Zero. ANB,” read one sign the FBI said Mower posted at the mosque. “Wake up America, the enemy is here,” another proclaimed.

Mower also left signs at the Madera County Sheriff’s Department headquarters and at the county courthouse, and sent a letter to Sheriff John Anderson asking him to join the fight against Muslims, the LGBT community, abortion centers, and drug dealers.

Authorities discovered the word “Peckerwood,” apparently a reference to the white nationalist gang called the Peckerwoods, tattooed across Mower’s back, but said they do not believe that he is associated with the gang. They are still determining whether to prosecute one or both of the matters as hate crimes.

Mower’s September firebomb was the first violent attack on the center since it opened 20 years ago. Planned Parenthood spokesperson Patsy Montgomery told the Fresno Bee that the office had been getting threats signed by the ANB for some time but had chosen to keep quiet.

The white nationalist connection did not surprise her. “In the past, when people were arrested for hate crimes against Planned Parenthood [centers nationwide], there has been some connection with white supremacist groups,” Montgomery said.

U.S. Attorney Benjamin Wagner told the Los Angeles Times in September that it’s not usual to see a single hate group (as the ANB was still thought to be at the time) with more than one grievance to air. “It’s what they call the ‘mosh pit of hate,’” he said. “A lot of hate crime perpetrators are not single-issue haters.”



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