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Talking Points Memo: MLK Day Bomb Suspect's Father: My Son Didn't Do It

March 14, 2011- The father of the man suspected of planting a bomb in a backpack along a Martin Luther King, Jr. Day parade route in Spokane, Wash., says his son was home with him the day of the incident.

"I know he didn't go plant it because he was with me," Cecil Harpham told KXLY. "He helped me dress, he cooked my meals, he did my chores, he brought my firewood in and he just lived right here with me."

Harpham said he suffered a stroke in November and that his son, Kevin Harpham, had been caring for him until last week.

Although he said his son did not plant the bomb, Harpham did acknowledge that his son is a racist and interacted with other racists online. Harpham even speculated that Kevin could have helped build a bomb.

"Maybe he might of helped them build a bomb, he might have, might have helped them build a bomb," he said, adding that he had once had a conversation with Kevin about bomb making after his son bought a book on the subject.

"He said I bought the book and I read it and is so disappointed because there was no directions to build a bomb," Harpham said.

And even if his son is racist, Harpham said Kevin doesn't "know how to hate."



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