You are hereTalking Points Memo: Did MLK Day Bomb Suspect Leave Online Trail Of Hate?

Talking Points Memo: Did MLK Day Bomb Suspect Leave Online Trail Of Hate?

March 10, 2011- Is the man accused of leaving a backpack bomb along a Martin Luther King, Jr. Day parade route a white supremacist?

Shortly after news broke Wednesday that Kevin William Harpham had been arrested in connection with the January incident in Spokane, Wash., the Southern Poverty Law Center announced that its records show Harpham was, in 2004 at least, a member of the white supremacist National Alliance.

But, National Alliance Chairman Erich Gliebe told TPM that Harpham is not a member of his group, and U.S. Attorney Michael Ormsby only said "we're not commenting on that" when asked by TPM if Harpham had any known supremacist connections. Meanwhile, Paul Mullet, the former self-proclaimed leader of the Aryan Nations, told KXLY yesterday that Harpham expressed interest in joining the Aryan Nations a few years ago. Mullet claimed he had a number of conversations with Harpham, but that Harpham had never joined the group.

There is, however, one other trail of evidence that suggests Harpham may have interacted with white supremacists or was indeed a supremacist himself.

On March 30, 2008, a user with the name "Kevin Harpham" posted a message on the VNN Forum, the discussion section of the Vanguard News Network website (slogan: "No Jews. Just Right."). Vanguard News Network was founded and is run by Alex Linder, who the SPLC describes as "a foul-mouthed but nattily dressed neo-Nazi." According to the SPLC, Linder split with the National Alliance in 2003.

The March 2008 VNN Forum post by "Kevin Harpham" reads as follows:

All I did was try to change my email and it screwed up everything. I could not PM anyone or even post so I reregistered and then realized that there was a verification for email change sent to my mailbox but it never told me before hand. I then tried to follow the verification link to reestablish Joe Snuffy but was still unable to do so. If a mod could clear this up for me or at least tell me what to do to fix it I would much appreciate it and get rid of this Kevin Harpham guy too, if you desire.

"Joe Snuffy," it turns out, is a very active member of the VNN Forum community. And among the 1,072 posts written by "Joe Snuffy" since he joined the forum in November 2004 are several clues that match up with the little biographical information available about the Kevin William Harpham arrested Wednesday.



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