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Washington Monthly: Byron Williams' Motivations

October 10, 2010- Over the summer, Byron Williams, an anti-government zealot, loaded up his mother's truck with firearms, put on body armor, and headed to San Francisco with the intention of starting a violent rampage. He didn't reach his destination -- Williams initiated a shootout with police in Oakland after being pulled over for driving erratically -- but his goal was to "start a revolution" with bloodshed at the ACLU and the Tides Foundation.

The relatively obscure Tides Foundation is a favorite target of Glenn Beck. The non-profit organization supports "sustainability, better education, solutions to the AIDS epidemic and human rights," but the deranged Fox News personality has nevertheless labeled Tides a major cog in some larger conspiracy to destroy capitalism.

Was Williams inspired by Beck? Dana Milbank's column today sheds some light on the subject.

Glenn Beck has a friend in California. "I would've never started watching Fox News if it wasn't for the fact that Beck was on there," says this friend, Byron Williams. "And it was the things he did, it was the things he exposed, that blew my mind."

"I do enjoy Glenn Beck," Williams also says, "and the reason why I enjoy that is because... no other channel will speak about the same things that he's talking about, and if you go and investigate those things you'll find out that they're true."

To be sure, criminals are responsible for their crimes, and in this case, Beck didn't tell Williams to launch a violent attack. But there are some relevant details here that speak to a larger truth.



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