You are hereFlorida Times-Union: Mike Hogan says comment that abortion clinic bombing "may cross my mind" was joke

Florida Times-Union: Mike Hogan says comment that abortion clinic bombing "may cross my mind" was joke

Hogan made statement as he and Rick Mullaney spoke during mayoral forum of being against abortions; other controversial issues discussed.

February 21, 2011- Mike Hogan and Rick Mullaney both professed being against abortions during a church-based Jacksonville mayoral forum Monday night, but the depth of that belief separated the two conservative Republicans.

Hogan, a Baptist, said he will be "loving" the day that the U.S. Supreme Court overturns the Roe v. Wade decision allowing abortions. He told the audience of about 100 people at St. Joseph's Catholic Church that "it was an awful decision by an awful court."

Hogan added that the only thing he wouldn't do was bomb an abortion clinic, then the law-and-order advocate added, with a laugh, "but it may cross my mind."

The Mandarin crowd applauded.

Hogan also said he would've opposed the appointment of Parvez Ahmed, a Muslim, to the Jacksonville Human Rights Commission and that as mayor he would abolish the commission.

After the forum, Hogan told The Times-Union he was simply joking about even thinking about bombing an abortion clinic.

"If I've got to measure everything I say, I mean, I'm not going to be politically correct," Hogan said. "That was a joke. This was an audience for this. This is a Catholic Church. I guarantee you they are 110 percent pro-life."

Mullaney, a Catholic, said his experience of having a daughter survive a premature birth solidified his anti-abortion stand.



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