You are hereDuluth News Tribune: Gun ad for Republican candidate on Iron Range has DFLers up in arms

Duluth News Tribune: Gun ad for Republican candidate on Iron Range has DFLers up in arms

February 8, 2011- A campaign brochure for Republican state legislative candidate Paul Jacobson depicting a hunter looking down a shotgun and urging voters to “take your best shot’’ while criticizing opponent Carly Melin has sparked outrage from some supporters of the DFL candidate.

The brochure, mailed this week to residents of Minnesota House District 5B, shows a person looking down the barrel and urges people to vote in the Feb. 15 special election to fill the open seat.

While the gun is not pointed at anything or anyone in particular, Melin’s photo is on the next page. The ad also calls Melin “a fake’’ and states that her campaign is “full of holes.’’

Gary Cerkvenik, a longtime Iron Range DFL political activist and now a volunteer for Melin’s campaign, said the ad is eerily similar to attack ads last year that depicted several Democratic members of Congress in crosshairs. The ads were harshly panned after the attempted assassination of U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords last month in Tucson.

“We are a month away from this national tragedy and the whole gun-and-crosshairs debate, and this yahoo puts this out?’’ Cerkvenik said of state Republican Party Chairman Tony Sutton. “The whole country was saying we have to put an end to this kind of politics. But here he is basically saying take your best shot at Carly Melin. This is outrageous.’’

Giffords, who had been a subject of one of last year’s attack ads, remains hospitalized after being shot in the head in the shooting spree that killed six and wounded 13 others on Jan. 8.

The 5B ad was paid for by the Minnesota Republican Party as an independent expenditure outside the candidate’s own campaign. Cerkvenik and Melin called on Sutton to resign.



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