You are hereCullman Times: Beason: Dems don’t want to solve illegal immigration problem

Cullman Times: Beason: Dems don’t want to solve illegal immigration problem

February 6, 2011- Alabama Sen. Scott Beason (R-District 17) spoke at the Cullman County Republican Party breakfast on Saturday, focusing on the topic of illegal immigration and how he believes lawmakers can resolve the issue.

The senator said that he believes that Alabama lawmakers are behind in enacting tough immigration laws — but that more Republican control throughout the state will allow immigration legislation to take precedent.

“Democrats do not want to solve the illegal immigration problem because they know, this is a fact, that when more illegal immigrants move into an area, when their children grow up and get the chance to vote, they vote for Democrats,” he said. “They like big government, they like programs, they’ve benefited from the day they were born because the child was born into poverty because mom and dad are poor.”

The senator said that by avoiding influence from liberal groups and taking a conservative and proactive approach, legislators will be able to reform immigration laws quickly and effectively.


“The reality is that if you allow illegal immigration to continue in your area you will destroy yourself eventually,” said Beason. “If you don’t believe illegal immigration will destroy a community go and check out parts of Alabama around Arab and Albertville.”

After hearing the senator’s take on Albertville’s illegal immigrant problem, mayor Lindsey Lyons said that he felt the assessment was harsh.


Beason ended his speech by advising Republicans to “empty the clip, and do what has to be done”.



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