You are hereWashington Post: Bloomberg challenges Obama on gun control

Washington Post: Bloomberg challenges Obama on gun control

February 2, 2011- New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is demanding the Obama administration increase enforcement of the nation's gun laws, escalating his longtime push on the issue in the wake of the last month's shooting rampage in Arizona.

The mayor's office hired private investigators to buy guns at a gun show in Phoenix, and Bloomberg then played video of the sting at a press conference on Monday in New York. It depicts a man who is sold a gun even after he acknowledges that he would not be able to pass a background check, which would violate federal law.

It's not clear the ease of buying guns at these shows would have prevented the shootings in Tucson, as alleged killer Jared Loughner legally purchased a Glock 19 semiautomatic handgun from a gun store in November.

But Bloomberg has long advocated increased funding and attention to enforcing gun laws, arguing many crimes in New York City and other major cities involve the use of guns by people who should not be allowed to purchase them because of criminal records.

And he is now on a media blitz to push Obama on the issue. The White House has said Obama will soon "address" the issue of gun control, but it has been vague on exactly what he will say or whether he will propose any additional funding or new laws.



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