You are hereBoston Herald: Mass. RINOs under fire

Boston Herald: Mass. RINOs under fire

January 30, 2011- The horrific shootings in Tucson sparked cries from both sides to “tone down the rhetoric,” as GOP rock star Sarah Palin took heat for putting political opponents’ districts in crosshairs on an online map.

Here in Massachusetts, looks like some conservatives may have missed the message as they banter online about eradicating the Bay State of “Republicans in name only,” also known as RINOs.

A Facebook page called “Massachusetts RINO Hunt” is dedicated to “the aggressive and immediate removal of all RINO’s from the Republican Party of Massachusetts.” The page’s logo is a red, white and blue rhinoceros shaped like the GOP elephant in crosshairs.

Comments on the page include one follower saying, “Cocked, Locked and Ready to Rock,” and another spouting, “Locked and Loaded!”

The page’s mission statement reads: “Massachusetts is having a good ole fashioned ‘RINO Hunt.’ That’s right! Conservatives of the Commonwealth are tired of having their Party defined by a bumbling herd of RINO’s!”

There is a posting targeting former Gov. Mitt Romney as “the father of socialized health care,” while another poster says “the entire Mass GOP leadership is made up of RINOs,” including Sen. Scott Brown and party chair Jennifer Nassour. Brown and Romney declined to comment. The state GOP also declined comment.

It’s unknown who’s behind the site, which is set up as a fan page and not an individual Facebook account.



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