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Huffington Post: British MP Tom Watson To Glenn Beck: 'You Are A Bigot'

January 21, 2011- As anyone who has spent time watching the British Parliament in operation could tell you, no one would ever suggest that the various factions sit together for anything, because they typically spend their time brandishing broken glass and hurling Elizabethan vulgarities at one another. But for one day at least, one member of Parliament -- Tom Watson (Lab., West Bromwich East) -- focused his considerable ire statesward at Fox News' Rupert Murdoch and inciteful host Glenn Beck.

It all went down as part of a larger discussion on anti-Semitism in the media, and the Glenn Beck show, which is available on Sky TV on Knifecrime Island. Citing both Beck's show and Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank, Watson ran down both numerous instances of anti-Semitic content as well as a litany of glib invocations of Nazis and the Holocaust:

I hope we all agree that that is a disturbing number of instances to raise those terms, in a way that is both irresponsible and does not provide any educational or beneficial basis for doing so; for instance, labelling President Obama a "Nazi." The Holocaust Educational Trust has said:

"One of the best ways to combat anti-semitism and prejudice of all kinds is to encourage tolerance and respect twinned with advocacy of engagement with civil society and the democratic process."

The Glenn Beck show in no way achieves those vitally important aims. That type of journalism is dangerous and can have wide-ranging negative effects on society. The kind of material broadcast by Glenn Beck is not unique; a number of other "shock jocks" operate in the States. However, none has displayed intolerance on such a frequent and irresponsible scale as Glenn Beck. It is vital that that kind of "news" is not made or broadcast in the UK. However, the proposed acquisition of BSkyB by News Corp means that there is an increased threat of its becoming a reality.



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