You are hereHuffington Post: Threats of Violence Against Public Officials Cannot Be Tolerated

Huffington Post: Threats of Violence Against Public Officials Cannot Be Tolerated

-By Rev. Jesse Jackson

March 26, 2010- When leaders at the highest levels challenge the patriotism and birthplace of President Obama, it dishonors the presidency and sows the seeds of fear, hatred and potential violence in our nation.

When George Wallace blocked school doors and southern governors convinced some segments of our community that America's honor was at stake, some fought back with terror, bombed churches, and killed freedom marchers. Oftentimes they wrapped their justification in Biblical philosophy.

These days will live in infamy, as the scenes of our elected representatives shouting, "you lie" and "baby killer" echo inside the halls of Congress. We've stooped too low when protesters begin hurling the "n" word at African American congressman, and start making direct and indirect threats at representatives who supported the historic health care legislation.

These and other radical statements from members of Congress, conservative talk show hosts and "protestors" are drawing ideological lines -- states' rights versus federalism, harkening back to the cultural lines drawn over the civil war and modern civil rights movement. They revive our worse fears and divisions.




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