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Huffington Post: David Shuster Pleads With Congressmen: Stop The Incendiary Rhetoric!

March 24, 2010- David Shuster issued a rare commentary Wednesday afternoon, calling on members of Congress -- in particular Senator Tom Coburn -- to cut the sort of incendiary rhetoric that could inspire violence.

In particular, Shuster reacted to Coburn's statement that the health care reform legislation is

"the greatest assault on liberty this country has ever had."

"Health care reform is a greater assault on liberty than slavery? Good grief!" Shuster said. "Coburn is a medical doctor, he's not just some right-wing radio host or paid political provocateur....America's greatest freedoms include the right to free speech, a right we are all blessed to enjoy. However, incendiary rhetoric from members of Congress, while intended to energize the base, can also have an unintended reaction. And that reaction could endanger members of our society, including the President of the United States."

Shuster acknowledged that Coburn has the freedom to say whatever he wants, but he also said that "our freedoms include the right to label your statement as the kind of rhetoric that inspires lunatics."

He ended with a plea to members of Congress to stop the incendiary rhetoric.

"I'm begging you and every member of Congress for the safety of everybody in this capital: please, please stop!" he said.



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