You are hereNew York Daily News: Make That the Nas-Tea Party

New York Daily News: Make That the Nas-Tea Party

March 20, 2010- They might want to think about renaming it the Nastea Party.

Democrats were angered, shocked and disappointed after [reports that some Tea Party activists]( let more than their opinions on health care reform be known today, calling revered civil rights hero Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.) n----- and openly gay Massachusetts Rep. Barney Frank a f-----.

And racism and gay-bashing apparently wasn't all. Add anti-Semitism to the list.

A staffer in Rep. Anthony Weiner's office reported a stream of hostile encounters with tea partiers roaming the halls of Congress. The less harmful stuff was mockery. But they left a couple of notes behind. One asked what Rahm Emanuel did with Weiner in the shower, in a reference to mess around ex-Rep Eric Massa. It was signed with a swastika, the staffer said. The other note called the congressman "Schlomo Weiner," among other hate-filled words.

Rep. Jose Serrano was so disturbed, he called to relay his own unpleasant encounter with a Tea Party activist who accosted him outside, when Serrano went for a stroll near the rally.

"The Capitol there was pretty ugly," Serrano sad. "They were shouting, 'Don't take away my Medicare, we don't want socialism, you're throwing our country away.'"

"There was a person who saw me go by, and called me a bunch of things, and ended calling me an elitist pig with a cutesy haircut," Serrano, of the Bronx, said.

It wasn't the words so much that bothered the congressman, but the tone and attitude.

And the words heard by Lewis were especially distasteful to Serrano. Lewis is a widely respected member of Congress who had his skull fractured by police in a 1965 civil rights march in Selma, Ala.

"He's the conscience of the Congress," Serrano said.



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