You are hereThe Examiner: Obama death threat: Cat impaled, burned alive next to Obama campaign sign

The Examiner: Obama death threat: Cat impaled, burned alive next to Obama campaign sign

-By Lou Colagiovanni

August 14, 2012- Authorities are investigating a possible threat to President Obama after a burned cat was found staked to a tree stump using an American flag, next to an Obama 2012 campaign sign.

Longfellow Park, the site of the incident, is located in southern Minneapolis. The park is also used as a polling area. Minnesota primary elections are being held Tuesday, August 14, 2012. It is not known if the display has anything to do with the local election.

The display drew the attention of law enforcement agencies from all over the Minnesota area, including Homeland Security, The FBI and The Secret Service who investigate every threat made against the president no matter how benign.

Agencies report there are no immediate leads, and the closest security camera was at least a half a mile away from the incident.

It has been locally reported by that other items found at the scene included a can of iced tea, and a cat food tin. It has not been released if any fingerprints were found on the tea, tin, or the flag used to impale the cat.

Residents claim that nothing like this has ever happened before. The investigation continues.



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