You are hereLeft Word: Conservative Media Attack Native American Blessing At

Left Word: Conservative Media Attack Native American Blessing At

January 13, 2011- Following the memorial service for the victims of the tragic shooting in Tucson, several in the right-wing media attacked and mocked the inclusion of a Native American blessing as part of the invocation.

SpeakerCarlos Gonzales Delivers Native American Blessing At AZ Memorial Service

Duringthe January 12 memorial service held at the University of Arizona for thevictims of the tragic Tucson shooting, Carlos Gonzales, who is an associateprofessor at the University of Arizona College of Medicine, delivered atraditional Native American blessing.

Right-WingMedia Attack "Rambling" Prayer As "Most Peculiar"

Hume:"While I'm Sure [Native American Ritual] Has An Honorable Tradition With[Gonzales'] People, It Was Most Peculiar." After Fox News aired the Tucsonmemorial live on January 12, several Fox News anchors commented on the service.Brit Hume said he thought the "sobriety you might have expected was not to befound" at the service and attributed this "tone and atmosphere," in part, tothe "opening blessing" by Gonzales, which he called "most peculiar." From the Foxcoverage following the service:

HUME: Ijust wanted to add, I think that the president prepared this speech in theexpectation this would be indeed a memorial service. I think it ended up beingnothing of the kind. This was much more of a pep rally, and perhaps that isprecisely what the people of Tucson and the people of this region needed.

BRETBAIER, HOST: And wanted.

HUME: Andwanted. And it was really the case that the audience was really in control ofthe tone of this event. That the audience's reaction to the president and tothe earlier speakers -- and may I say to some of the earlier speakers as well,set the tone for an event. The president had prepared his speech, I think, tohave a certain kind of tone. I think he would have liked it not to go on for 36minutes or whatever it did, but it was interrupted so repeatedly by applause,but he really couldn't help that. It was still longer than, as Chris [Wallace]pointed out, too, several of the other speeches on similar occasions that weremembered.

BAIER: Itis on a college campus. It is in a stadium. But you covered President Clintonas he delivered that address in Oklahoma City.

HUME: Itwas a similar hall. It was just -- the whole tone and atmosphere was different.And I kept thinking this week, you know, that he was going out on Wednesday--  Wednesday, it's just a few, just a couple of days and yetit seems somehow longer to me. It almost seems as if this event is a littlelate. Certainly the mood in that auditoriumsuggested that the sense of mournfulness that you might have expected andsobriety you might have expected was not to be found tonight. And of course, Ithink, the whole thing is attributable in part to the remarkable openingblessing that was delivered by, what was his name, Carlos Gonzales, who by thetime it was over with, he had blessed the reptiles of the sea, and he hadprayed to the four doors of the building, and while I'm sure that all has anhonorable tradition with his people, with it was most peculiar. [Fox News'Coverage of the Tucson Memorial, 1/12/11]

Malkin:"Native American Gives Rambling Speech While Holding A Feather...Mercy." On a January 12 blogpost covering the rally, Michelle Malkin wrote:

Update 8:03pm Eastern Obama entersstadium to wild applause. Opening music: Copeland's Fanfare for the Common Man.

Native American givesrambling speech while holding a feather. His remarks are frequently interruptedby whoops and cheers. He gives a shout-out to his son serving in Afghanistan.Brags about his ethnic Mexican background. Babbles about two-legged andfour-legged creatures and the feminine energy that comes from Mother Earth.

Mercy. [MichelleMalkin, 1/12/11] 



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