You are hereThe Examiner: Florida man threatens to kill Obama on Facebook, faces 5 years in prison

The Examiner: Florida man threatens to kill Obama on Facebook, faces 5 years in prison

-By Lou Colagiovanni

May 27, 2012- 20 year old Joaquin Amador Serrapio Jr is facing 5 years in federal prison for threatening the life of President Barack Obama back in February, to which he has now plead guilty.  The date of sentencing for the single felony charge of threatening to kill or harm the president is set for August 22nd.

My research reveals that Serrapio considers himself a musician and has an official Facebook page with a small following.  The only post from Serrapio was created November 30, 2010 that linked to a YouTube account that has been deleted.  The email address "" is asked to be used for bookings.  It seems at this time, however, that the only 'booking' going on will be Serrapio being booked into prison.

Serrapio has declined to comment on the matter, likely because of his lawyer's advice.  Investigators have said that they do not believe Serrapio was ever a genuine threat to President Barack Obama and instead have concluded that, "He just wanted to get a reaction from political supporters of President Barack Obama."

A self described, "republican conservative" Serrapio pined on his MySpace page that, "i'm cool. I am a republican conservative. And currently doing mixed martial arts.So if you'd ever pull a knife or a gun on me on the street, id laugh in your face...Seriously."

Overall two threatening messages were posted on Facebook.  The first message in question that was posted February 21st said, "Who wants to help me assassinate Obummer while hes at UM this week?"  This was two days before President Obama was to give a speech at the University of Miami

On the day of the speech Serrapio again put out another message this time asking, "If anyones going to UM to see Obama today, get ur phones out and record. Cause at any moment im gonna put a bullet through his head and u don't wanna miss that! Youtube!"



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