You are hereNBC: Bag holding ammo found near Ariz. suspect's home

NBC: Bag holding ammo found near Ariz. suspect's home

January 13, 2011- On a day the youngest victim of last weekend's shooting spree was laid to rest, a man walking his dog found a black bag holding ammunition that authorities believe was left by the gunman.

An 18-year-old found the bag on Thursday morning in a neighborhood near where the suspect lives, Chief Rick Kastigar with the Pima County Sheriff's Office said.

The found bag is believed to be the black bag that Randy Loughner described his son, Jared, carrying the morning of the shooting, the Pima County Sheriff's office said in a statement. The bag was handed over to the FBI for further analysis.

The bag turned out to be a diaper bag that looked like a backpack and contained 9mm ammunition, authorities said.

Jared Loughner, 22, is charged with five federal counts in the shooting, including the attempted assassination of Representative Gabrielle Giffords, who remains in critical condition at a local hospital with a head wound.

Authorities have said that on the morning of the Saturday shooting rampage, Randy Loughner saw his son remove a black bag from the family vehicle. 



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