You are hereRAW Story: Virginia man accused of threatening to kill President Obama

RAW Story: Virginia man accused of threatening to kill President Obama

-By Andrew Jones

May 6, 2012- A Virginia man was arrested and charged this weekend from planning to assassinate President Barack Obama, according to the Associated Press.

Christopher Hecker sent out an email to media outlets on April 19 planning to bomb the White House, Philadelphia City Hall, the former site of the World Trade Center, and other places. The FBI tracked the email to Hacker’s account and lead to the Secret Service exchanging emails with him, in which he revealed more plans to bomb locations.

Secret Service agents arrested him after he signed onto a computer at the Waynesboro, Virginia Public Library.

Hecker refused to be sworn during an appearance in a federal court in Charlottesville, Virginia on Friday, telling a judge that he wanted to be sentenced immediately and given the death penalty. The judge ordered Hecker to undergo a psychological evaluation.



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