You are hereCrooks & Liars: Racist letter read by Arizona lawmaker to state Senate may have been a hoax

Crooks & Liars: Racist letter read by Arizona lawmaker to state Senate may have been a hoax

March 23, 2011- Two Arizona lawmakers set off charges of racism after one instructed the other to read a controversial letter on the state Senate floor last week during a debate over five immigration bills.

The letter, allegedly from a man who works as a substitute teacher in Glendale, said that Hispanic students "hate America" and only want to become "gang members and gangsters," according to ABC News.

Problem is, local reporters could not find anyone under the man's name who had worked for any of the area school districts, and key details in the letter were contradicted by school officials.

That left some groups suggesting the letter was an outright hoax.

"Most of the Hispanic students do not want to be educated but rather be gang members and gangsters," State Sen. Lori Klein said, reading from the letter at the prompting of Senate President Russell Pearce.

"They hate America and are determined to reclaim this area for Mexico."

"If we are able to remove the illegals out of our schools, the class sizes would be reduced and the students who wanted to learn would have a better chance to do so and become productive citizens," the letter continued. "Thank you for standing up to this invasion."

Tony Hill, the author of the letter, also claimed that Hispanic students refused to participate in a Mark Twain assignment and instead "threw the textbooks at each other."

"I don't think I've ever heard any floor speech similar to the one that was given out right now," Democratic State Sen. Steve Gallardo told the Senate. Hispanic students "do not have dreams to be gang members, they do not want to be thugs or whatever we want to phrase it as. These are good kids."

Members of the Hispanic caucus in the state have questioned the authenticity of the author.

KGUN 9 contacted all five school districts in Glendale and all said that Anthony or Tony Hill had never worked for them as a teacher or substitute teacher.



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