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Violent Rightwing Rhetoric Doesn't Kill People. People Living in a World Where They Hear A Lot of Violent Rightwing Rhetoric Do

By FZ - Posted on 11 January 2011

From the Brad Blog:

This flier was circulated in Dallas in the days before John F. Kennedy was assassinated...

Any of that look or sound familiar?

If not, and if you didn't see the Tucson Shooting coming months and months ago, then you are living in a world of complete and utter delusion.

If you, like pretend media critic Howard Kurtz, are finding rationalizations and excuses to justify what happened yesterday, dismissing it all as little more than the work of a "lone nutjob," you are similarly deluded and among the most dangerous of apologists.

You are also anything but "conservative," since the core of that ideology used to include personal responsibility. Taking none, unfortunately, seems to be the new hallmark of the no longer any more than name-only movement.

Remember what happened after this video-taped moment in September of 2009, when Nancy Pelosi called for "taking responsibility for our words" before tearing up while recalling the assassination of Harvey Milk in her own district in the 70's, and while decrying the scores of death threats and broken windows at offices of Democratic members of Congress after they'd voted in favor of Health Care Reform?...

The Right, fomented by Glenn Beck of all people, obnoxiously savaged her for her concerns about the growing threats of violence against members of Congress:

Pelosi's concerns, viciously mocked by the Right at the time, seem all too prescient today; Beck's reaction cause for firing if Fox "News" had any standards whatsoever.

The above moments (courtesy of a timely "flashback" post by Double Dutch Politics) came just a few months after the Right had savaged the Obama Administration's Dept. of Homeland Security for releasing a report on the rising tide of Rightwing extremism, as ordered and created by the Bush Administration before it.

The false Rightwing outrage was so loud, and the Democrats were so cowardly, Obama's Administration retracted and apologized for the report that warned about almost exactly what we saw yesterday in Tucson --- and what we've seen time and again, several times a month, over the last two years since the report was retracted



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