You are hereWTOV News: Half-staff, upside-down flag at local McDonald’s raises eyebrows

WTOV News: Half-staff, upside-down flag at local McDonald’s raises eyebrows

-By Adam Del Rosso and  NEWS9

November 7, 2012- FOLLANSBEE, W.Va. - Much attention is being directed to a flag that was flying at half-mast and upside down outside of a Brooke County restaurant on Wednesday morning.

The flag at the McDonald's on state Route 2 in Follansbee was taken down around 11:30 a.m.

While most would consider it a sign of disrespect, it is also the signal for distress. And now, many people are questioning if the display is a protest of the election results.

A NEWS9 reporter called the restaurant Wednesday morning, and a person who answered the phone said it was the owner's decision. NEWS9 was not able to reach the store owner. However, a person who identified herself as the owner called the NEWS9 newsroom and said the employee was mistaken, and the flag was flown upside down by mistake.

In addition, a post on the Fans of WTOV9 Facebook page stated, "I just want to say: I am a manager at that McDonald's. The flag was to be flown at half-staff as per McDonald's Corporation. As for it being flown upside down--it was a complete and total accident. NO ONE at our store would PURPOSELY fly the flag upside down. Our flag pole is actually broken, and we are unable to move the flag."



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