You are hereAlternet: 5 Unhinged Right-Wing Reactions to Romney’s Defeat

Alternet: 5 Unhinged Right-Wing Reactions to Romney’s Defeat

As the nation celebrates Obama's election, some far right wingers are lashing out.

-By Laura Gottesdiener

November 7, 2012- After the big night, much of the country is celebrating another four years. But some are struggling to cope with the loss of their candidate. Perhaps they should consider mourning outside of the eye of the public.

1. Melodramatic Social Media Users Declare “America died”

In case you were preoccupied with the news of the presidential election, you may have missed the other breaking news story that “America died” last night. At least, that’s some of the wildly hyperbolic claims that were flying around the social media stratosphere last night, as Republican voters took to Twitter to mourn over their vanquished candidate.

Some of the tweets were merely melodramatic, such the claim “A thousand years of darkness begins tonight.”

Yet others were downright terrifying. One man declared that he is “Loadin up on guns, gas, mudgrips, and some Copenhagen to prepare for the next four years.”

2.  Fox News Blames the Media Bias

The most biased network of all is now taking mainstream journalists to task for being too mean to Mitt Romney during the campaign. After Obama easily captured the electoral college, a Fox News editorial declared, “If, in celebrating his victory Obama wanted to give credit where credit is due, he might want to think about calling some of America's top journalists, since their favorable approach almost certainly made the difference between victory and defeat.”

How did the mainstream media manage to pull off such a resounding victory for Obama? According to the editorial writer Rich Noyes, the research director for the Media Research Center, these journalists were too effective at exposing the real agenda of the GOP ticket. 

Noyes takes the media to task for its extensive coverage of Romney’s now infamous “47% video,” which he complains was a mere “gaffe” rather than an essential preview of the way the Romney-Ryan ticket would have sought to decimate the safety net programs that are essential for millions of Americans.

Meanwhile, he was none too happy with those pesky female debate moderators, ABC’s Martha Raddatz and CNN’s Candy Crowley, who actually decided to moderate the debates rather than merely allow the candidates to spew lies. 

All in all, it sounds like Fox News is mad at journalists for doing their jobs, but that should come as no surprise from a network that hasn’t embraced the same standards for journalistic integrity.



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