You are hereRAW Story: Video released of Trayvon Martin buying iced tea and Skittles

RAW Story: Video released of Trayvon Martin buying iced tea and Skittles

-By Richard Luscombe, The Guardian

May 18, 2012- Prosecutors have released video footage of Trayvon Martin buying sweets and a drink in a Florida convenience store minutes before he was shot and killed in a confrontation with a neighbourhood watch leader.

The scenes recorded at the 7-Eleven close to the Retreat at Twin Lakes development in Sanford show Martin, 17, wearing a black hooded top and beige trousers, walking up to the counter and paying.

Soon after leaving the shop Martin got into a fight with George Zimmerman, who had already called police to report a “suspicious” black male in the neighbourhood. Martin was shot dead by a single shot to the chest at point-blank range, the gunshot heard on recordings of several 911 calls made by neighbours.

The video is among the latest in a batch of evidence released on Friday by prosecutors who have charged Zimmerman, 28, with second-degree murder.

It represents the first public glimpse of the unarmed teenager on 26 February, the night he was killed in an incident that led to race protests and the resignation of the local police chief. The Sanford police department originally released Zimmerman without charge after he claimed he acted in self-defence, and he was arrested in April only after the appointment of a special prosecutor to re-examine the evidence.



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