WTOV News: Half-staff, upside-down flag at local McDonald’s raises eyebrows

-By Adam Del Rosso and  NEWS9

November 7, 2012- FOLLANSBEE, W.Va. - Much attention is being directed to a flag that was flying at half-mast and upside down outside of a Brooke County restaurant on Wednesday morning.

The flag at the McDonald's on state Route 2 in Follansbee was taken down around 11:30 a.m.

While most would consider it a sign of disrespect, it is also the signal for distress. And now, many people are questioning if the display is a protest of the election results.

A NEWS9 reporter called the restaurant Wednesday morning, and a person who answered the phone said it was the owner's decision. NEWS9 was not able to reach the store owner. However, a person who identified herself as the owner called the NEWS9 newsroom and said the employee was mistaken, and the flag was flown upside down by mistake.

Alternet: 5 Unhinged Right-Wing Reactions to Romney’s Defeat

As the nation celebrates Obama's election, some far right wingers are lashing out.

-By Laura Gottesdiener

November 7, 2012- After the big night, much of the country is celebrating another four years. But some are struggling to cope with the loss of their candidate. Perhaps they should consider mourning outside of the eye of the public.

1. Melodramatic Social Media Users Declare “America died”

RAW Story: Mexican cafe gets death threats after refusing Romney visit

-By David Edwards

October 4, 2012- The Mormon owners of a Mexican cafe in Denver say that they have gotten death threats, hate calls and fake orders after refusing to allow Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney to make campaign stop at their restaurant.

“One person who called said, ‘Watch your back. We know where live and we’re going after you,’” Oscar Aguirre, the son of the owners of Rosa Linda Mexican Cafe, told KMGH New Media Producer Wayne Harrison. “We just didn’t want our business used as a campaign stop.”

Aguirre explained that callers had been misinformed that the restaurant had refused to serve Romney.

Huffington Post: Anna Gurji & 'Innocence Of Muslims': Horrified Actress Writes Letter Explaining Her Role

-By Kia Makarechi

September 17, 2012- Anna Gurji is one of the actresses who starred in "Desert Warrior," a movie that was supposed to be about tribal battles prompted by the arrival of a comet on Earth. Unfortunately, "Desert Warrior" was given a heavy dose of dubbing and post-production editing. The film is now known by a new, infamous name: "Innocence of Muslims."

Orlando Examiner: Fox News: Obama 'answers to the Quran first and to the Constitution second'

-By Robert Sobel

September 17, 2012- Fox News has once again appealed to the radical base of the Republican party, this time bringing back the "Obama is a Muslim" rhetoric that has gone on since the 2008 election.

After a low-budget, anti-Islamic film went viral on the internet last week, protesters took to the streets across the Middle East, bringing foreign policy to the front page. The U.S. ambassador to Libya, Christopher Stevens, was killed outside the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi along with three other Americans. The response from both sides of the political spectrum came fast and furious, but it was Mitt Romney who pointed his finger in blame at President Obama before he had all the facts about the situation. Many prominent conservative voices quickly criticized Romney, but Fox News was there to cushion his fall.

The Guardian: Far-right German group plans to show anti-Islamic film

Pro Deutschland posted trailer of Innocence of Muslims on its website and now wants to stage a screening in Berlin

-By Siobhán Dowling in Berlin

September 16, 2012- A far-right Islamophobic group in Germany has said it wants to screen the anti-Islamic film that has sparked deadly protests across the Muslim world.

The Pro Deutschland Citizens' Movement has already posted the trailer for Innocence of Muslims, which insults the prophet Muhammad, on its website. Now it says it wants to stage a screening of the film in Berlin.

"For us, it's a question of art and freedom of expression," Manfred Rouhs, the group's head, told Der Spiegel magazine.

Huffington Post: Hank Williams Jr. Blasts Obama Again, Says President Is Muslim, 'Hates Cowgirls,' 'Loves Gays'

-By Kia Makarechi

September 3, 2012- Hank Williams Jr. repeated his anti-Obama tirade at a concert in Texas on Sunday. Performing at the Stockyards Music Festival, the country singer went on an extended rant against the president.


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