Addicting Info: Republicans Elect Skinhead In Pennsylvania; Let’s Recognize Who Supports Nazi Beliefs

-By Don Hamel

June 1, 2012- Steve Smith, a white supremacist and Neo-Nazi  has been elected to represent the Republican Party as a committeeman in Luzerne County, PA. Smith is a well known figure in white-power circles, and has ties to an array of racist organizations such as American Third Position, Aryan Nations, Council of Conservative Citizens, Keystone United and has acted as  leader of the Philadelphia chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of White People. He is also active on the racist website, where he posted a copy of his election certificate, seen here:

Addicting Info: NY Republican Campaign Spokesman Suggests Throwing Acid Into The Faces Of Female Dem Senators

-By Stephen D. Foster Jr.

June 1, 2012- It’s by far the most violent rhetoric aimed at female Democrats so far in 2012, and may be unprecedented in American politics. The campaign spokesman for New York Republican Rep. Nan Hayworth took part in a discussion on Facebook and called for throwing acid into the faces of female Democratic senators

GOP campaign spokesman Jay Townsend joined discussion of a post regarding national gas prices on the NY19 U.S. House of Representatives Discussion Center Facebook page. In response to a commenter named Tom, Townsend made reference to the war on women and called for attacking female Democratic senators with acid:

RAW Story: Gay Arizona dads targeted with domestic ‘terrorism’

-By David Edwards

May 31, 2012- A gay Hispanic man and his partner in Gilbert, Arizona say that their family, which includes a disabled daughter, has been targeted with a series of hate crimes that amount to “terrorism” — and they worry that the police are not taking their case seriously.

“I truthfully believe it’s because we’re a gay couple and because I’m Hispanic,” Felix Bermea told Raw Story. “There’s no doubt whatsoever in my mind that this is a hate crime.”

Over the past 10 weeks, Bermea has had to call the Gilbert police about a dozen times regarding repeated attacks that are only escalating.

RAW Story: Kansas pastor calls on U.S. government to kill LGBT people

-By David Edwards

May 30, 2012- The pastor of New Hope Baptist Church in Seneca, Kansas says President Barack Obama has gone too far in supporting same sex marriage and it’s time for the U.S. government to begin killing gay men and lesbians.

“Terrorists are dangerous, the economy is a real and present danger,” Pastor Curtis Knapp told his congregation on Sunday. “But there is simply nothing other than the holocaust of the unborn which imperils the safety of our country or places our people in jeopardy as does the leader of the Western world publicly raising his fist at the heavens and declaring that the bedrock institution of society, ordained of God and meant to be protected by the state, is little more than a convention of convenience with the children of Sodom to transform the meaning of something, which is precious to Jesus Christ, and a living picture of his love for the church into a legally protected justification for perversion and a vehicle of hatred aimed directly at that love.”

The Examiner: Florida man threatens to kill Obama on Facebook, faces 5 years in prison

-By Lou Colagiovanni

May 27, 2012- 20 year old Joaquin Amador Serrapio Jr is facing 5 years in federal prison for threatening the life of President Barack Obama back in February, to which he has now plead guilty.  The date of sentencing for the single felony charge of threatening to kill or harm the president is set for August 22nd.

Salon: My break with the extreme right

I worked for Reagan and wrote for National Review. But the new hysterical right cares nothing for truth or dignity

-By Michael Fumento

May 24, 2012- Gosh! When did I end up in bed with Ted Kaczynski, the Unabomber? Could it be because I did specialize in blowing things up while serving my country for four years as an airborne combat engineer? I also watched human beings blown up. I had friends and Navy SEALs I was in battle with blown up. My own intestines exploded on the first of my four combat embeds, three in Iraq and one in Afghanistan. Took seven operations to fix the plumbing. I later suffered other permanent injuries.


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