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Stop Domestic Terror Calls On FBI To Investigate Funding Of Domestic Terror Threats

Today, we sent a letter to FBI Director Robert Mueller requesting that the FBI investigate and prosecute IRS and FCC approved organizations that fund and promote violence against political candidates and others.  See full letter here: We have been warning for years about the far right inciting violence, and Frank Schaeffer, who started this campaign with us, has gone on record as saying that these threats are a product of “lobbyist run” groups who have “a small army ... at their beck and call.”  He calls them, “American Brown Shirts at the ready.”  He names Freedom Works and American For Prosperity for being major supporters of intimidation tactics.  

Jared Loughner's Videos

Understanding that people are interested in seeing these, we have decided to post them. Unfortunately, linking to his videos would most likely be playing into his hands. Rather than reward unbalanced criminality by driving up Jared Loughner's view count, the videos posted here are re-posts from a third party's YouTube channel.


Posted on YouTube: December 15, 2010

No Ordinary Cross Hairs

-by Karen Dolan

Christina Taylor Green might well have made the world a better place someday. According to reports, Christina had just been elected to her elementary school's Student Council. Her neighbor brought her along to Rep. Gifford's community event in the corner Safeway parking lot. He thought it would be of interest to this young, budding public servant.

Nine years old, a ballerina, a ball-player, a student councilmember and a beloved daughter, Christina Taylor Green was felled by a would-be assasin's bullet.

Fox News: Trawling for Assassins

Obama vs Fox

-By Frank Schaeffer

October 21, 2009- President Obama is getting criticism for going after Fox News. I fault the White House too: for not going far enough. The real issue is not Fox's right wing "bias." The real issue is that FOX News seems to be trawling for assassins. Here's the letter White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs should write. Or maybe it should come from the head of United States Secret Service.

Dear Rupert Murdoch, since you are responsible for what is on Fox News I have a question for you: Do you ever wonder how you'll be remembered by Americans and the world (not to mention your children) if someone takes a shot at President Obama, and when asked why they did it, quotes the misinformation spouted by Fox News as their "reason?"

Poor, Poor Sarah

-By Willaim Rivers Pitt

Twenty people were gunned down at a supermarket in Arizona on Saturday. Six were killed, including a nine-year-old girl. Fourteen others were wounded, including Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, who was the main target of the attack, and who was shot through the head. She is currently lying in a hospital bed with half of her skull removed because brain swelling from her bullet wound could kill her.

Twenty people shot.

Six killed.

Fourteen wounded.

And guess what?

It appears Sarah Palin is the principal victim of the shooting.

No, really.


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