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The Examiner: The Corporate Court

-By Alberto Pupo

June 22, 2011- Corporate America strikes again! In Central Florida Corporate Giants, like Darden and Walt Disney are breathing a sigh of relief as the mother of all Corporations dodges a bullet! Yes the Supreme Court in another ideological 5-4 decision strikes a blow against workers all over the Country. Walmart has been saved by the Corporate Control Roberts Court once again. The individuals who brought you Citizens United, now bring you another rescue of Corporate America. Class Actions now for Gender Discrimination are not going to be allowed. The historic class action which was ready to bring down Goliath, has been shot down in flames. Striking another victory for Fascism.

The largest discrimination class action suit of its kind was ready to roll. The world watched in a mixture of curiosity and happiness that women who have been downtrodden by Walmart were about to get a grand to attain the impossible. The potential to make Walmart pay in a big way was there for a brief moment. The Chamber of Commerce was trembling. It seemed like for once the people would obtain the unlikely a victory over corporate interests! Alas the Supreme Court in a long line of narrow and extremely biased decisions pulls out all the stops. Corporations throughout America filed the Amicus Briefs begging, and pleading with the Men and Women in Black, that this Class Action would hurt business. Palms were sweating in corporate boardrooms, if Walmart and its extreme Gender Discrimination were to be uncovered, the levee would undoubtedly break. This would unleash and Tsunami of righteous legislation that will finally allow for a victory for the poor and middle class. This would have specifically been a victory for women. These women who have worked for Walmart given their all to the company, simply to be cast aside and mistreated, deserved a day in court. Instead once again we are feeling the effects of the “Bush Legacy”.

Their Decision while not a majority , continues to show the legacy of the Roberts Court. Using a bogus argument and a paltry reason as the excuse for the Pro Corporate stance, once again the people get hurt. The excuse was that the lawyers involved did not properly designate the class. Through a sheer technicality the Supreme Court has taken away legal remedies from individuals who are seeking justice. The irony of this decision is further compounded by Justice Thomas and his continual chumminess with Corporate America. The Court and their tainted decisions continue to mar the so called independent nature of the Supreme Court. A group of individuals who are supposed to interpret the law, and not simply sell themselves to the highest bidder. While in essence these Justices claim to be above the political party fray, it is clear that with the Roberts Court, they have become lapdogs for Corporate America.



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