You are hereHuffington Post: Obama's Executive Order Pits Him, Yet Again, Against Chamber Of Commerce

Huffington Post: Obama's Executive Order Pits Him, Yet Again, Against Chamber Of Commerce

April 21, 2011- An executive order being crafted by the Obama administration that would require government contractors to disclose campaign contributions would have a particularly blunt impact on one of the White House's most frequent adversaries.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the business lobby that has fought the president on a host of legislative fronts, has been particularly piqued about his administration’s most recent campaign finance maneuver. And for good reason.

At least 55 of the group's companies had contracts with the federal government in 2010, according to data available on and provided to the Huffington Post by U.S. Chamber Watch, a critic of the organization. Those range from the massive -- Lockheed Martin ($34 billion in contracts) and Pfizer ($979 million) -- to the relatively obscure -- Action Chemical ($8 million) and Wegmans Food Markets ($4.5 million).

These businesses, to be sure, represent just a small sliver of the Chamber’s membership, no matter how the information is measured. But the same firms awarded government contracts also, in all likelihood, help fill the Chamber’s coffers. In all, the 55 groups highlighted by U.S. Chamber Watch earned $44 billion in contracts in 2010.

Under the draft executive order being crafted by the White House, contractors will have to disclose the contributions that they give not just to politicians, political parties or committees, but to “third party entities” (aka groups like the Chamber) as well.



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