You are hereCrooks & Liars: UKUncut Smeared As 'Violent Hooligans' Precisely Because They're Not - And That's A Threat

Crooks & Liars: UKUncut Smeared As 'Violent Hooligans' Precisely Because They're Not - And That's A Threat

April 5, 2011- I wish everyone would go read the rest of this, because these are the exact same tactics that will be used here against Americans, should a real democratic movement get large enough to be a threat to the corporations:

This government isn't scared of mass vandalism. The public, however, is - and that is precisely why fistfuls of images of young people in masks smashing up the Ritz and throwing smoke bombs have been tossed at our screens for five days now. The state requires us to be fearful so that it can acquire our consent for its spending cuts, and the public fears disorder even more than it fears mass unemployment and the decimaton of public services. So perhaps we shouldn't be surprised that the images of officers of the law assaulting unarmed young people, and the images of riot cops arresting an entirely peaceful protest group on orders which are rumoured to have come right from the top, have largely been been overlooked or dismissed.

Meanwhile, UKUncut - a group whose modus operandi is inclusive, creative, defiant people power of the type that really does scare the government - has been brutally suppressed. A hundred and thirty eight members have been detained, including a fifteen year old girl who was so frightened in jail that she was made to sign a form excusing the police from culpability, should she go on to commit suicide. There has been very little public outcry. The next wave in the battle for the hearts and minds of the British public has truly begun.



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