You are hereDaily Kos: Could the Head of U.S. Chamber Wind Up in the Slammer?

Daily Kos: Could the Head of U.S. Chamber Wind Up in the Slammer?

December 10, 2009- A campaign to bring criminal charges against the CEO of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is gaining steam--and national attention.

Even Fox News has noticed the campaign against Chamber CEO Tom Donohue, which was launched by the progressive advocacy group Velvet Revolution (VR) in October.

VR is offering $200,000 for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of Donohue. This all reminds me of a splendid recent piece by Larisa Alexandrovna of at-Largely, explaining Donohue's plans to undermine the rights of regular Americans on behalf of business interests. They originated with a fascinating memo out of the Nixon years.

The Velvet Revolution campaign got the attention ofRoll Call in yesterday's edition. In a statement at its site, VR states

Mr. Donohue and the U.S. Chamber have been publicly accused of criminal activity in complaints filed by attorneys and Attorneys General in numerous states, and also by non-profits such as Citizens for Reform and Ethics in Washington (CREW) and Public Citizen. now seeks direct evidence that will stand up in a court of law--documents, affidavits, and testimony--implicating Mr. Donohue for crimes including fraud, tax violations, campaign finance violations, money laundering, insider trading, election tampering, and criminal manipulations of pension funds. wants to hear from insiders and whistleblowers possessing information not already in the public domain. 

Is serious about this? You be the judge:

Specifically, is seeking evidence pertaining to the period of Mr. Donohue's tenure at the Chamber and his membership on the boards of Sunrise Senior Living, Union Pacific, Qwest Communications (until 2005) and XM Satellite Radio (until 2008).

Sounds serious to me. And this wanted poster looks serious.



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