You are hereBuzzflash: Do the Top Forbes 20 US Companies Own White House Policy?

Buzzflash: Do the Top Forbes 20 US Companies Own White House Policy?

March 20, 2011- Want a confirmation of corporate governance, just look at the Forbes top global corporations for 2010:

1. JPMorgan Chase - United States
2. General Electric - United States
3. Bank of America - United States
4. ExxonMobil - United States
5. ICBC - China

Fortune uses somewhat different criteria and ranks BP as number four and Wal-Mart as number one.

In short, the Forbes and Fortune top US headquartered companies compose sort of the wish list of big contributors to political campaigns. So, if you were running, let's say a re-election campaign for president, you might want to adopt policies that favor these businesses and court key people in their top staffs.

So, would an administration favor Wall Street policies that benefit the likes of JP Morgan Chase and Bank of America, keep any top executives from being indicted, and appoint a top JP Morgan Chase honcho as White House chief of staff? Would that administration have some of the key people behind the de-regulation policies that caused a multi-trillion dollar Wall Street collapse serve as the senior economic policy team in the White House?

Would an administration looking to top-level corporate support for a national campaign reassure General Electric (GE) that it was 100% behind nuclear power plants despite their newly proven catastrophic potential (and this one occurring in a poorly designed GE facility)? Would such an administration appoint the head of GE as his jobs czar when GE's main employment activity appears to be exporting jobs from the US?

Would such a White House re-instate deepwater drilling so soon after a disastrous and preventable massive spill by BP in the Gulf of Mexico, and let BP off with a slap on the wrist after it pretty much dictated post-blow out strategy to the US government?

Would the First Lady team up with Wal-Mart - to brandish its image - on an anti-obesity campaign when Wal-Mart is still primarily selling junk consumer food?

Maybe it's just a coincidence that the top US headquartered global corporations appear to be getting their way with policy in the White House, and that the president is great pals with these "masters of the universe" who run these companies.

Maybe it is just all a big coincidence.

But more likely, this is what happens when the audacity of hope turns into the harsh reality of cynicism.



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