You are hereCrowded Leaks: Aaron Barr: Pervert or Vigilante?

Crowded Leaks: Aaron Barr: Pervert or Vigilante?

March 4, 2011- While trawling though the 71,800 HBGary emails recently acquired by Anonymous, I came across two that are more than a little bit disturbing. The first of these two emails, with a Subject: line of “You can’t protect stupid” was sent by Aaron Barr to his colleagues at HBGary, Greg Hoglund, Ted Vera and Rich Cummings. This email contains a copy of a posting Mr. Barr made to a hacking forum —

It would appear that Mr. Barr, who was using the handle “Night Hacker”, was a regular contributor to, having made some 121 posts between the date he joined the site in June 2010 and the date of this particular email, July 12th, 2010.

In this email, Aaron Barr describes how he frequents chatrooms populated by teenagers, e.g. The full text of his email, as well as the response from HBGary CEO Greg Hoglund can be seen below.

Barr’s original email:

Hoglund’s response:

Once logged-in to, Barr claims he would adopt the persona of an underage female, using a “good photo… from MySpace of a nice looking chick….”

Barr further relates that he would choose a name like “Naughty Vicky” and describe himself as: “16 straight and naughty got some nice pictures…”

Barr describes purportedly sending ‘pictures’ to people and advising them to turn off their anti-virus programs — it would appear from his wording that he intended to infect his victims with a keylogger, virus or a RAT (remote access trojan), witness his description:

“…Free Public Crypter and it only leaves your server FUD for a small amount of time.”

For those unfamiliar with this terminology, a Crypter has been described

… free software used to hide… viruses, RATs or any keylogger from anti-viruses so that they are not detected and deleted by anti-viruses. Crypters may be coded in different launguages but [their] functionality remain[s] almost the same i.e to crypt your detectable servers so they become FUD…. FUD means Fully Undetectable….

Now, it needs to be emphasized that Mr. Barr said in his post, and repeated again in email that: “This is something that I use” and “… I go straight to a chat room such as so sign up with a good name….”

In other words, Mr. Barr is stating that these are methods that he actually made use of as opposed to methods or examples that he is merely describing, or proposing that other people carry out.

The second email — the only reply Mr. Barr received to the above email — was from HBGary CEO Greg Hoglund, wherein Mr. Hoglund replied: “Thats fucking brilliant.”



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