You are hereForbes: Anonymous To Release Documents Showing ‘Virtual Armies’ Used To Identify Dissidents

Forbes: Anonymous To Release Documents Showing ‘Virtual Armies’ Used To Identify Dissidents

March 16, 2011- Members of the international hacking group Anonymous claim to have documents and e-mails that put Virginia-based consulting company Booz Allen Hamilton at the center of accusations of developing software used against dissidents in countries including Azerbaijan.

Spokespeople at Booz Allen could not be reached for comment on the phone or via e-mail.

Anonymous adviser Barrett Brown claimed on the group’s Radio Payback show earlier today that the software had led to rebels in Azerbaijan, where Booz Allen has offices, getting arrested. The software creates “armies of fake people” through social media sites like Facebook, he said, which results in identifying dissidents with anonymous profiles, a method also known as astroturfing.

The information came to light through thousands of e-mails belonging to software security firm HBGary’s former CEO, Aaron Barr, who’s accounts were hacked by supporters of Anonymous after he claimed to have identified members of the group by (ironically) using fake profiles on social media.



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