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Forbes: Attorney Consulted HB Gary About Spiking Defamatory Content “By Any Means Necessary

March 14, 2011- Much has been written about Anonymous’s posting of 71,800 e-mails from security firm HB Gary Federal on the Internet. But so far no one has focused on the intriguing e-mail sent by New York lawyer Sean Kane last April seeking HB Gary’s assistance on behalf of a request from a client that claimed he had been defamed online.  Kane sought information on “consultants” that could help his client spike the defamatory information from the Internet.

Kane’s e-mail is part of dozens authored by attorneys that are now part of the trove of HB Gary e-mails readily searchable on the site that Anonymous has created.  The mass e-mail disclosure has already led to the resignation of HB Gary Federal’s CEO Aaron Barr and to a disciplinary complaint against three partners at Hunton & Williams.  That was followed by a letter by over a dozen members of Congress calling for an investigation into Hunton & Williams’s alleged “dirty tricks campaign” revealed in the HB Gary e-mails.

New York IP lawyer Sean Kane is one of many other attorneys whose e-mails were compromised in this scandal.  In the e-mail (available here), Kane tells HB Gary founder Greg Hoglund that a client of his wants to have defamatory content removed from a website “by any means necessary”.  Kane writes that he advised his client of his legal options but the client wants to pursue more “aggressive” means.  He adds that he told his client that ”there are consultants that do this type of work” but that he does not have contact with them and that not everything they do “is on the up and up” so he could not retain them. Kane says he “assumes this is not something that” HB Gary does but asks if they have some information about where Kane’s client can turn.  The Anonymous database does not appear to include any e-mail response from HB Gary execs to Sean Kane.   Kane did not respond to multiple requests for comment.



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