You are hereWired: The Yes-Men enjoying the discomfiture of the US Chamber of Commerce

Wired: The Yes-Men enjoying the discomfiture of the US Chamber of Commerce

February 16, 2011- Could the Chamber of Commerce Leak Scandal Rouse America’s “Facebook Generation”?

By Andy Bichlbaum and Joseph Huff-Hannon. Mike Bonanno contributed to this story.

Defendants had a common plan to engage in acts… that deceived the press and public….These infringing and fraudulent acts are antithetical to public debate on important issues, because they prevent the public and the press from knowing the true position…. In short, such conduct is destructive of public discourse, and cannot be tolerated under the law.

—Chamber of Commerce lawsuit against the Yes Men and “John and Jane Doe 1 through 20,” Nov. 2009

“How the mighty have fallen. Corrupt regimes long reviled by their populace are being brought down left and right, thanks to the brilliant and untiring efforts of democracy activists. And a wave of technology-assisted leaks is helping this process along by providing tranche after damning tranche of evidence, proving what everyone already knows—as in Tunisia, where Wikileaks revelations offered incontrovertible proof of the misdeeds and corruption of “an already discredited and reviled regime” (CNN).

“Late last week, another, still-unfolding leak story revealed a shocking conspiracy of misdeeds and corruption implicating a “discredited and reviled regime” in our own capital city.

“Until just a couple of years ago, the work of the United States Chamber of Commerce was unknown to most Americans. Aren’t they mom and pop’s small-business lobby in Washington? Now, thanks in large part to the work of Chamber opponents, we’ve come to learn that the biggest business lobby in the world is also one of the biggest impediments to real democracy in the U.S., and that they’re a huge force in opposing health care reform, employee free choice and other labor legislation, veterans’ rights, banking regulations, and, of course, transparency. The Chamber is nothing less than the public face of a corporatism that is hijacking our democracy, and dramatically limiting any chances of meaningful reform.



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