You are hereDaily Kos: The HBGary Trolling FINALLY Makes The Washington Post!

Daily Kos: The HBGary Trolling FINALLY Makes The Washington Post!

March 7, 2011- In what's already been known here and discussed in numerous diaries about HBGary, the Washington Post finally picked up the story about corporations using internet firms to undermine their opponents by "trolling" them.

This little-discussed aspect of the influence business came into view in recent weeks with the release of thousands of hacked corporate e-mails, which detail a pair of high-tech dirty-tricks campaigns aimed at supporters of WikiLeaks and foes of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.
The plans were pitched by three federal contractors to lawyers at Hunton & Williams, a top-flight D.C. law and lobbying firm that works for the chamber. Proposed tactics included creating fake personas online to fool chamber critics; planting false electronic documents to undermine the credibility of activists; and using powerful computer tools to "scrape" Facebook and other social media sites for personal information about chamber foes, according to the e-mails.

The Chamber of Commerce, so far, claims "innocence" in not knowing about the paid trolling and astroturfing of liberal websites and social media outlets. I'm certainly not buying their claims of innocence, and many other people aren't falling for it either here on Dailykos and other sites.



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