You are hereStopTheChamber: Lawmakers Call for Probe into Domestic Spying by US Chamber and Hunton and Williams

StopTheChamber: Lawmakers Call for Probe into Domestic Spying by US Chamber and Hunton and Williams

WATCH ON YOUTUBE: has exposed the multi million dollar lobbying campaign of the US Chamber of Commerce to outsource American jobs,  pollute the environment, and corrupt our elections with distorting attack ads, and just a few weeks ago, we aired a video about  Anonymous exposing a Chamber of Commerce campaign, in collaboration with its law firm Hunton and Williams and 3 security firms, to spy domestically on its political opponents and engage in dirty tricks against organizations and individuals, even having the firms monitor citizens engaged in peaceful protest and assembly.

Shortly after our video aired, Aaron Barr, executive of one of the firms involved, HBGary Federal,  resigned from his firm after being identified as the author of many emails detailing the dirty tricks campaign.

The software that was to be used by HBGary, Berico, and Palantir, was created with public money through  US government contracts, and was originally designed to gather data on foreign enemies and terrorists.

Now, 20 US Representatives, led by Rep. Hank Johnson Jr. from Georgia, have sent a letter to the chairmen of 4 different Congressional committees, asking for a probe into the law firm Hunton and Williams, and the 3 tech firms that they were planning to use to domestically spy on non-profits, unions, journalists, and even American citizens, including their children.

The Congress Members called it very troubling and illegal that military/intelligence operatives would use this software to spy domestically on American organizations and citizens.  They noted that federal law bars companies from engaging in this type of conduct.

Even Centcom has come out and stated strongly that their use of the same "persona management software" to combat foreign terrorists would "absolutely" never be used against Americans, law-abiding or not, ever.

We urge Chairman Issa and the others to hold hearings and probes into these crimes, and we also urge everyone to contact their Senators asking them to probe this outrageous and illegal behavior involving the US chamber of Commerce, the law firm Hunton and Williams, and the 3 tech firms, HBGary Federal, Berico, and Palantir Technologies, if the Republican-held House does not.

The US Chamber of Commerce must face consequences for this un-American and illegal domestic spying on American citizens.

To sign our Petition calling on Congress and the Department of Justice to investigate the Chamber of Commerce and Hunton & Williams, please visit


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