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Forbes: Law Firm That Worked With HBGary Hit With Bar Complaint

February 25, 2011- The nuclear fallout from HBGary’s tangle with the hacker collective Anonymous has blown into the territory of another player in the scandal: Hunton & Williams, the law firm that solicited proposals from HBGary on behalf of clients like Bank of America and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

Kevin Zeese, a lawyer with the NGOs and, filed a complaint with the Washington, D.C. Bar Association earlier this week against John Woods, Richard Wyatt Jr., and Robert Quackenboss, three members of the law firm Hunton & Williams, seeking their disbarment. The complaint alleges a long list of misbehavior that includes domestic spying, cyber stalking, spear phishing, cyber attacks, and theft.

Earlier this month, a trove of emails hacked from the servers of security firm HBGary Federal by the loose hacker group Anonymous revealed that Hunton & Williams had asked HBGary Federal and two other security firms to put together a proposal to address Bank of America’s fear that WikiLeaks would release leaked documents from the bank sometime early this year. In another collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce, it assembled the same team of security contractors, which aside from HBGary also included Palantir and Berico Technologies, to create a proposal for undermining and discrediting political opponents of the Chamber of Commerce including the groups Change to Win, Chamber Watch and Think Progress, the the Service Employees International Union.

Zeese’s complaint against Hunton & Williams largely picks up passages in stolen emails from the account of Aaron Barr, the HBGary executive who triggered the Anonymous attack by claiming to be able to penetrate the organization and identify its leaders. Barr offered to scrape the Facebook pages of the NGOs’ employees to find “pressure points,” create fake personae to feed misinformation to the groups, and forge documents designed to embarrass them. As I’ve covered before, he and employees at Berico and Palantir also assembled a plan to run a similarly Nixonian campaign WikiLeaks that went as far as suggesting cyber attacks on the group’s servers and threatening supporters and donors, naming journalist Glenn Greenwald as a specific target.



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